focuses on research a technology that yields a deep understanding of the long-term prospects and intrinsic value of a company.


VAN HAIJK-CON is a leading, highly diversified global investment management firm. We apply its deep experience and specialized expertise across a range of investment strategies - private equity, credit, liquid markets and traditional asset management especially for Web-applications and Navigation systems. We consistently apply a classic, deep value approach to investing that requires a commitment to research-driven stock selection. Our company focuses on research a technology that yields a deep understanding of the long-term prospects and intrinsic value of a company. The thoroughness of our research process gives us the confidence to make significant investments in businesses whose low present value has set by investors who cannot look past short-term problems. 

Our Approach

We invest globally in growth stage businesses with proven technology and commercial traction, run by talented mission-driven management teams. We are active minority investors, providing growth capital to help accelerate market adoption.

Our Team

We are a team of investment professionals with deep knowledge of targeted areas of change supported by our multidisciplinary backgrounds.
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The investment process in VAN HAIJK-CON is classic value. Put another way, we seek to buy good businesses, focusing exclusively on companies that are under performing their historically demonstrated earnings power.
The value philosophy predicates on the belief that most investors do not want to invest in businesses that are experiencing problems or are otherwise out of favor. A lack of near- term earnings visibility leads investors to significantly undervalue companies that are experiencing some form of distress, as most investors prefer to wait until a company’s current problems are resolved, or to invest in less controversial growth oriented companies.
By VAN HAIJK-CON definition, value investing requires two key elements: exposure to companies before the stock price reflects signs of obvious business improvement and significant patience. Only by purchasing in advance of clear evidence of positive momentum along with a willingness to hold for the long term, an investor can be assure of paying very low prices and therefore maximize the opportunity for superior long-term returns. In VAN HAIJK-CON we are unwavering in our discipline and commitment to deep value through all market conditions.


In VAN HAIJK-CON, our Private Equity business makes control-oriented investments in cash flow generating, asset-based businesses primarily located in Western Europe especially Belgium. The investments generally fall into core industries, which include financial services, transportation & infrastructure, Web-applications, Navigation systems within this business there are two segments, Private Equity Funds and Permanent Capital Vehicles.

Private Equity Funds
Our Private Equity Funds focus primarily on control-oriented investments in cash flow generating, asset-based businesses in Western Europe especially Belgium. The Funds seek to invest in companies and portfolios with valuable, often unique assets that in our view can benefit over time from high barriers to entry, strong, stable cash flows and attractive fundamentals. The Funds take an active approach to private equity investing, seeking situations where significant value can be unlocked and created through balance sheet restructuring, operational improvements, and strategic management. We also collaborate with management to grow our businesses organically and through acquisitions, particularly in consolidating industries.

We are value-oriented investors, and will invest in situations that may be overlooked by others, including in companies suffering from capital markets dislocation, financial distress, complexity or negative market sentiment. In order to secure the best investments, we take a flexible approach for sourcing and structuring investments, and will be involve in multifaceted transactions (including investments through the bankruptcy process).
Underlying our approach to private equity investing is our focus on capital preservation and downside protection. Even in highly volatile valuation environments, we believe that tangible collateral and diversified cash flows provide a foundation of long-term investment value, as well as a platform from which meaningful growth can be achieve.
While we are open to investments across a range of industries, our investments have focused recently on capital-intensive sectors in which we have specialized expertise: transportation and infrastructure, financial services (particularly loan servicing and consumer finance) and senior living. We believe that this focused, repeatable process gives us an advantage in pricing, owning, financing, optimizing cash flows and overseeing the management of our investments.

Permanent Capital Vehicles (PCV)
An investment entity for managing capital for unlimited time horizon. A PCV is typically gear toward growing capital at the best long-term rate, and is therefore less focuses on shorter-term performance.
Good examples of PC Vs would be pension funds or social security funds, which have expectations of liabilities extending out for hundreds of years into the future. College endowments or scholarship funds, which are intend to provide a specified amount of funds to select students every year for perpetuity.


We are investors in Web technology, mobile applications and Navigation systems.


Investment Approach
We focus our investment approach on long-term performance by fully integrating sustainability analysis into our decision-making at every step in the process.
Comprehensive, nuanced and multifaceted, our research process incorporates secular analysis, topical and industry research, company analysis and input from a variety of external subject matter experts.

Strategic Circumstances
We are interested in understanding the forces shaping company profitability and value in the future. Our analysis includes conventional in addition to broader sustainability challenges.

- Research Roadmaps
Detailed proprietary research on countries, industries, subsectors, and topics that are relevant to our investment interests.

- Solution Summits
Generation-hosted gatherings of external experts brought together to help inform our thinking on complex topics.

- Advisory Board
Experienced and diverse group meets annually to discuss key long-term issues that may have a material impact on the investment landscape.

Company Analysis
The search for quality is at the core of our investment analysis and diligence. We integrate fundamental analysis and sustainability factors to better assess the quality of the businesses and management teams. We believe our investment process leads to differentiated conclusions on the quality and long-term performance of the companies and management teams we invest in.

Responsible Ownership
We actively engage with portfolio companies and provide guidance on areas where we have insight and expertise.

Global Equity
Our research based investment process leads to differentiated conclusions on the quality and long-term performance of the companies and management teams we invest in. In doing so, we believe that we meaningfully demonstrate the business case for sustainable investing.


We focus on innovations at the leading edge of the transition to a sustainable economy.

  1. Smart Mobility
  2. Energy Innovation
  3. Industrial Efficiency
  1. Web-application
  2. vigation Systems
  3. Sustainable Consumption


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